On Friday 20th March 2020 Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe posted a letter addressed to Donald Trump on his Facebook page. He attributed the letter to a man named Craig Alan Wilkins. But...

On Friday 20th March 2020 Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe posted a letter addressed to Donald Trump on his Facebook page. He attributed the letter to a man named Craig Alan Wilkins.

The letter is below:

Craig Alan Wilkins, An open letter to the president

Dear Fucking Lunatic,
At your recent press conference - more a word salad that had a stroke and fell down stairs, you were CLEARLY so out of your depth you needed scuba gear. Within minutes of going off air your minions were backpedaling faster than Cirque De Soliel acrobats... In India a week ago, i couldn’t get past the bit about your being the most popular visitor in the history of fucking india — a country of a BILLION human souls that’s only 3000 years old, give or take.!!! Trust me - Gandhi pulled CROWDS.. You pulled a cricket stadium and half WALKED out...
Do you know how fucking insane you sound, you off-brand butt plug? That's like the geopolitical equivalent of “that stripper really likes me” — only 10,000 times crazier and less self aware.
You are fucking exhausting. Every day is a natural experiment in determining how long 300 million people can resist coring out their own assholes with an ice auger. Every time I hear a snippet of your Queens-tinged banshee larynx farts, I want to scream!
We are fucking tired. As bad as we all thought your presidency would be when Putin got you elected, it’s been inestimably worse.
You called a hostile, nuclear-armed head of state “short and fat.” How the fuck does that help?
You accused a woman — a former friend, no less — of showing up at your resort bleeding from the face and begging to get in. You, you, YOU — the guy who looks like a Christmas haggis inexplicably brought to life by Frosty’s magic hat — yes, you of all people said that.
You attempted — with evident fucking glee — to get 24 million people thrown off their health insurance.
You gave billions away to corporations and the already wealthy while simultaneously telling struggling poor people that you were doing exactly the opposite.
You endorsed a pedophile, praised brutal dictators, and defended LITERAL FUCKING NAZIS!
Ninety-nine percent of everything you say is either false, crazy, incoherent, just plain cruel, or a rancid paella of all four.
Oh, by the way, Puerto Rico is still FUBAR. You got yourself and your family billions in tax breaks for Christmas. What do they get? More paper towels?
Enough, enough, enough, enough! For the love of God and all that is holy, good, and pure, would you please, finally and forever, shut your feculent KFC-hole until you have something valuable — or even marginally civil — to say?
You are a fried dick sandwich with a side of schlongs. If chlamydia and gonorrhea had a son, you’d appoint him HHS secretary. You are a disgraceful, pustulant hot stew full of casuistry, godawful ideas, unintelligible non sequiturs, and malignant rage.
You are the perfect circus orangutan diaper from Plato’s World of Forms.
So fuck you mr. president. And fuck you forever.
Oh, and Pence, you oleaginous house ferret. Fuck you, too. You'll be as useful as a chocolate teapot against a medical crisis you Bible thumping cock socket.

The post went viral and without reading the opening of the letter, many assumed Tommy Lee wrote the letter. However it turns out Craig Alan Wilkins didn't write it either. 

Most of the text in the letter, expect for "Do you know how fucking insane you sound, you off-brand butt plug?" was originally published on the Daily Kos in December 2017 in an article written by "Aldous J Pennyfarthing"

It's possible the amendment of the letter was made by Craig Alan Wilkins and then shared by Tommy Lee which then went viral. 

So far Tommy Lee's only response to this has been his Instagram story "Oh no I'm trending on *twatter!!!!!!"


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By Rodney Agha


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