Jimmy Page has been sharing some of his fond memories of playing with Led Zeppelin in the earlier years.

Led Zeppelin formed in London back in 1968. It was a different time back then, Pre-Covid and Pre-Aids and Pre-Internet, not sure how people in 1968 would have coped with a lockdown like the world is seeing today. 

Jimmy Page has been sharing some of his fond memories of playing with Led Zeppelin in the earlier years. Page (now 76 years old) posted on his instagram photos of Led Zep's return to San Francisco in April 1969. The band were touring the United States the whole year just after their album Led Zeppelin was released. 
In the post Jimmy wrote "On this day in 1969 marked @LedZeppelin's return and first date back in San Francisco following the heady days in January of the same year. ⁣ In four months, the band was now incorporating the new material in the set that would appear on Led Zeppelin II. [The album was] being currently recorded in Los Angeles - for example, The Lemon Song/Killing Floor.⁣ The idea of recording and capturing the fluent energy while being on the road was definitely working - especially after concerts like these.”

Well that whole lotta love gave the planet a rockin' album that would influence future musicians for years and laid the ground for the future of prog rock and heavt metal. 

There was a blog earlier this year on when Jimmy Page describe the band's "intense" first rehearsal back in 1968. That was then they were known as The New Yardbirds. 

Page spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock Nights Radio Show saying “What I knew was I’d never felt something like that before. And what I also knew was everybody else was in the same boat. No matter what they’d done in the past, they’d never been in a situation where everything was so sort of intense and so heavily connected – profoundly connected, musically – on just our first meeting and getting together to play. I’d worked with Robert at my house, going through the various things I wanted to do like Dazed and Confused, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.”

At their first rehearsal the band played Train Kept-A-Rollin there's something very close to Spinal Tap there.  

Jimmy added: “But that initial rehearsal was enough for everybody to say, ‘Yeah.’

“We were recording in October of ’68; the Yardbirds were still going in July of ’68. You can imagine how quickly this whole thing came together.”

Speaking about Bonham drumming at their first rehearsal Jimmy commented “As soon as I heard John Bonham play I knew this was going to be great …we locked together as a team immediately.”

By Rodney Agha


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