It was 20 years ago today Rage Against the Machine released their album 'The Battle of Los Angeles'. The album was nominated for the 43rd annual Grammy awards for best rock album, which was won by The Foo Fighters with 'There is nothing left to lose'.

The album received platinum certification in Australian. The modern anniversary gift for 20 years is platinum. They've been gifted already. Happy anniversary to 'The Battle of Los Angeles'.

The album features the song 'Sleep now in the fire' which the music video for the song was directed by Michael Moore. It features the band playing in front of The New York Stock Exchange intercut with scenes from a satire gameshow similar to 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' but called 'Who Wants To Be Filthy F#&%ing Rich?' 

Check out the video clip here 


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By Rodney Agha


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