It's been four years since their last album - 'Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not' now Dinosaur Jr have announced they're working on a new album.

Bassist Lou Barlow shared a message from manager Brian Schwartz that allowed him to share the news that “it’s fine to start broadcasting the fact that Dino is in the studio making and [sic] a new LP.”

There's no news on when this album will be released or if we will get a little teaser. Let's hope it's not too far away.

In other Dinosaur Jr news J Mascis tells guitar world his bucket list guitars

“It’d be fun to have a ’54 Strat. The first Strat I got was a Roland Ready Strat to play guitar synth with back in the 90s. Then I got a Rory [Gallagher] Strat. I’ve got a ’59 Strat. It’s got gold hardware and it’s been refinished black – well, almost black, it has a bit of a grey tinge to it. I saw a video of Stevie Ray Vaughan playing a Strat in the studio and it looked like the same guitar. Maybe it was Stevie Ray Vaughan’s! [laughs]

"The problem is, I find myself playing stuff that just sounds too much like a Strat. I like Teles and Jazzmasters better. I don’t always feel like myself when I play a Strat. It makes my fingers go a certain way. My ’59 Strat has got a tiny neck. Sometimes I like a bigger neck, but I don’t have a preference; it just depends on the guitar. I don’t know until I pick it up. It’s more about the whole guitar.

“I like jumbo frets, though. I’ll sometimes get my guitars refretted. I’ve had a Mosrite for years that I never played because the fingerboard was like a rollercoaster, but I just got it fixed with a new fingerboard and put jumbo frets on it. I bought it in the early 90s for, like, 200 bucks and it was pretty fucked. I’ve just spent 500 bucks fixing it. It’s a bit like my late-60s Brazilian rosewood [Martin] D-28S: it went in for a setup and repairs – they fixed the braces and moved the bridge – and the difference is like night and day. I got my D-28S fixed because it was kind of getting hard to play, but I really like that one now. I recorded a bunch with that [on Elastic Days].”

 Check out the Dinosaur Jr. - Tiny (Official Video) below

 Dinosaur Jr J Mascis
By Rodney Agha


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